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Juwo Poroton Block Company supply a comprehensive range of Poroton blocks and associated products. Manufactured in Germany at Juwo Poroton - Werke by Ernst Jungk und Sohn GmbH. The Company was founded in 1862. Juwo were the originators of the Poroton block system in the 1960’s. Our Poroton system is a high performance, sustainable, ecological building solution. It is an uncomplicated fast build product creating healthy living environments.

With offices in the UK and Ireland we offer our customers an experienced Poroton dedicated Sales Team.

Working with the ThermoPlan System

A foundation layer of standard mortar not greater than 30 mm - 40 mm is spread on the DPC. This bed must be level to receive the first course of blocks. The first row of blocks is laid, adjusting alignment and levels in both directions. Mix the thin bed mortar using an electric blender in order to obtain a fluid consistency.
The block is placed against the toothed edges of the previous one before being lowered into position. Eventually a structural, monolithic, thermally insulated wall is produced, with a consistent surface for plaster and render! Dip the block no more than 5 mm into the mortar, ensuring the mortar fully covers of the bottom surface and position the block on the wall.

The ThermoPIan bIock-system

Easy handling by using specially adapted blocks.